Military Service Comes Full Circle for New Addition to the DOCS Dental Team

May 28, 2021 | 0 comments

Proud to Welcome Dr. Tyesha Martin

After growing up a military brat, Dr. Tyesha Martin ready to call Ft. Benning home

Dr. Tyesha Martin is no stranger to military life or traveling to different installations around the world. From Stuttgart, Germany, where her father, now retired, was stationed in the army, to Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Martin is first to share that she grew into her passion to become a dentist.

“My mom worked as a dental assistant for 26 years. She’s the one who introduced me into the field of dentistry,” says Dr. Martin. “On my school breaks and during the summer, I would go to the office with her and would do little things around the office to occupy my time.”

The more exposure Dr. Martin received to the profession, the more she prepared to follow her dream. Out of high school, that dream took her to Tennessee State University, where she studied undergraduate studies, and then to the University of Detroit-Mercy, where she graduated from dental school.

“When I was growing up, my parents instilled a work ethic in me to always strive for more,” she explains. “Mediocrity wasn’t an option, and my mom’s friend, who was a dentist, confirmed this and inspired me through her practice and hard work to pursue more for myself.”

Community service is at the top of her priority list, as she’s had many examples that illustrate the importance of giving back and supporting others. She attributes working at DOCS Dental as an alignment with her beliefs. She also credits other pillars in her life, like her mother’s friend, a dentist, as being a role model by showing her that her dream was possible.

Today, Dr. Martin is all smiles and is ready to soar as she prepares to begin her new role leading DOCS Dental: Fort Benning. She affirms that the time is now to make an impact.

“I’m excited about change and want to have a positive impact on my patients, the dependents, and families at Fort Benning,” she says. “I want the office to be a comfortable environment, and I want to know that everyone who walks through our door is being taken care of.”

Dr. Martin quickly adds, “DOCS Dental: Fort Benning is a judgment-free space. There is no judgment here. All I want is for people to come in with a smile on your face and leave with a bigger smile.”

Dr. Martin will begin her new assignment leading DOCS Dental: Fort Benning on Monday, May 24. She wants you to stop by to not only schedule your appointment but to also say hello. We can’t wait to see her receive the embrace of a warm Fort Benning welcome.