DOCS Dental Kids Club

Kids Club

Help children develop healthy dental habits from the start with DOCS Dental’s Kids Club. We provide positive reinforcement through earned treasure chest prizes for special milestones and oral health behaviors for our young members. These include a Letter for the Tooth Fairy, motivational charts for Cavity-Free Kids and Healthy-Habit Champions, and a Badge for Bravery to promote happy dental visits. To enroll in Kids Club, parents can simply speak with DOCS Dental administrative staff.

member only discounts

Members Only Discount

Remove the barrier of no insurance, so that you can receive the dental care needed. Everyone deserves access to exceptional dental care.

Join the DOCS Members Only Discount Program and experience the benefit of routine office visits and X-rays covered at no charge. This opportunity will help you reduce the cost of preventative and necessary treatment for both you and your family.

Salute. Smile. Serve. initiative

Salute. Smile. Serve.

DOCS Dental is honored to have the opportunity to salute the selfless sacrifice of our veterans. Through the Salute. Smile. Serve. initiative, DOCS Dental will serve veterans with free exams and treatment on selected days.

sports dental support

Sport Your Smile

This DOCS Dental initiative provides youth education and general awareness surrounding preventative dental care, healthy habits, and sports safety for schools and community partners. Approximately 39 percent of dental injuries in the United States are sports related. This initiative will also address the importance of mouthguard safety.